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Our Rich Energy original provides a market leading taste, increased alertness, attention and energy. The drink is available in 250ml slimline cans. 

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Our sugar free energy drink vitalises body and mind and offers an alternative to our Original. The drink is developed to provide the same premium beverage that our customers expect.

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One symbol and one symbol alone represents the Rich brand, a sophistication of a premium British energy drink.  Established in 2010, Rich Energy is a blend of high-quality energy enhancement with clear mountain spring water.  

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Our direct sales partnerships are offered through clear channels, independent retailers can purchase cases direct from our trade site at

Hospitality and larger retail partners deal with us through our trade team or distribution network, where we offer bespoke pricing and trade service to start your Rich journey.

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Our global distribution network is a community of Rich Energy approved partners, who operate on a non-exclusive agreements to distribute our products within their territory.

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Rich Energy is produced in Austria using high-quality ingredients and utilising world leading  production facilities, which provide us with flexible production lines and the capacity to respond to demand fluctuations. 



Austria's springs are known for their superior water, the crystal-clear supply is perfect for production of Rich Energy drinks and our water has a wide range of mineralisation, which forms the major component of our drinks.

Our production facilities hold all required certifications issued by globally recognised independent institutions. All facilities and processes are covered by production insurance and audited on a regular basis. 

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We are able to offer can customisation for local market languages, trends, brand conflicts and regulations. All customisations are subject to minimum order quantities and be approved by our brand team.

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Our global logistics partners and internal team ensure that stock deliveries are timely, cost-effective and secure. As a buyer of Rich products, we will work with you and we accommodate third-party shipping providers of your choice.

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Standard Rich Energy cans are delivered in cases of 24 with plain black trays and are available in branded trays, cello-wrapped or in boxes at an extra cost. Rich is also available in multipack boxes with local market customisations also available.

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Our market analytics and third party data providers enable us to support our partners with responsive market trend data and pricing comparisons.

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Our brand philosophy is simple, we are not just an energy drink, we are an energy drink for consumers who appreciate and understand the subtleties and delights of a premium product.


Our primary focus is our already embedded footprint in Motorsports with an active brand buy in of over 40 million fans and our aim is to keep relevant and real.

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People, not demographics demand real solutions from brands that resonate with their lifestyle and needs; safe is no longer the sound choice!

The traditional consumer packaged goods model is flawed because it doesn’t evolve with consumers as they grow more aware of where the spend their money.

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Our online trade portal guides you all the way, to track your orders, marketing collateral, POS materials and you can expect a relevant, brand experience with consistent support throughout.

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Complete the form to the right, chat using our online chat tools or call on +44 (0)800 069 9099.

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Welcome to the Rich Energy Digital Brochure. You can watch our intro video on the right, download a print brochure below or scroll down for a comprehensive introduction to our brand and products.